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Pre-seed cleantech fund backing the new economy frontrunners

SFV is the Estonia-based regional pre-seed cleantech VC fund, backed by the Estonian gov. fund manager SmartCap and a regional frontrunner investor in renewables, Sunly.

These times are over when sustainability was regarded as something of a tree-hugger type of investment.
Today, it's a no-brainer.

If you're a startup founder working on a cleantech solution and are interested in scaling your impact from the get-go with the help of a cut-through-the-crap strategic investor

What's our game?

Energy & power




Novel materials


Agtech & food tech


Wider environment


Pre-seed + standing by the investment

Starting at €500k with plenty to follow

Hands-on working with founders

Physical products / hardware?

IMG_8340 copy.jpg

Erki Ani

General Partner

The go-to guy for cleantech founders in the region, the architect of the sector

Rasmus Udde

General Partner

The most perceptive mind in helping businesses succeed, crunching numbers and dissecting BMs

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